Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 7

Today was another early day - arriving at least an hour before the park opens. That's right we are off to Disney Sea, my first ever Disney park experience! And excited doesn't cover it.

After doing some research online we immediately headed over to get a Toy Story fast pass ticket for later in the day. And we were so glad we did as the ride had a constant 3hour queue and fast pass closed pretty early in the day. The first actual ride we went on in Disney was the 'Journey to the Centre of the Earth' ride, which was awesome but the best ride for me at the park was 'Indiana Jones' which although called the crystal skull actually turned out to be a mash up of scenes from each movie.


We became best friends with the Genie.

We ate some DELICIOUS alien pudding treats.

To finish the night Disney Sea put on an enormous fireworks display and a parade on water floats with a villains twist for Halloween. A truly magical day in Japan. 

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