Monday, November 09, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 6

We had a slower start today after our busy day in Kyoto yesterday and headed out after rush hour had died down, our target was Ueno Zoo
Admission was only 600Yen (£3.20) which was great for the size of the zoo, and we spent quite a few hours roaming round the grounds and snapping photos of the animals.

Welcome to lemur island, and this cool looking tree/hideout.

And we saw lions and tigers and bears - Oh My!

Our second stop for today was an Onsen theme park or Hot Spring resort.
Naturally the underlying tones of an Onsen/Hot Spring were extremely hard for my prudish mind to wrap around. But I definitely think we chose the perfect resort to visit.

After entering the resort we were given key-fob bracelet things, to track your spending - you pay for everything when you leave, given a locker to store our clothes, and we could choose our own patterned yukata to change into. 

Out first stop was the outdoor hot spring foot bath, this was so hot to our newbie feet. Then after a good 30min soak we had the little fish nibbling at our feet. Then it was time to try out the main event, the actual Onsen bath rooms. 
Now in this section there are no clothes/underwear/towels/anything, there is a room for women and another for men to just relax and soak. They do give you a small flannel sized towel to take into the bath room so there was a little modesty to be had. But once you are in the tub its fine - as long as you can stand the heat of the water that is.

Later we munched on Karaage - Fried Chicken and Ramen, and supped on a pint of whiskey soda mistakenly bought thinking it was beer, and had another dip in the outdoor foot bath before calling it a night.

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