Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 8

Today we had a late start, and a pretty quiet day overall compared to others. We first headed over to the famous Tsukiji Fish market, but it was pretty much closed so we just walked the isles looking at all the shops and restaurants.
We stopped off at Roppongi to have a look around, and saw the giant spider sculpture that Tom saw in London as a child. We ate really delicious ramen from this restaurant chain, you get your own little booth to eat privately. So you couldn't see any of the other diners but you could definitely hear them slurping away. 

The day was a little wet and grey and we were a little tired from our Disney day yesterday. So we headed to the markets in Ueno for some food and shopping. We ate sushi and tempura in an extremely loud restaurant, with the staff shouting at each other and the customers every 40 seconds. Gosh that is a different dining experience to here in the UK.
Then for desert we shared one of these custard filled croissant fish. 

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