Saturday, November 14, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 11

Universal Day!
Gosh we were up on the earliest Shinkansen to get to Osaka as early as possible, but I would do it all over again the park was fantastic. My first ever ride was Jaws, to beat a lot of the queues Universal has a 'single rider' queue which we took to full advantage, but to be honest we still made it on to most of the rides together anyway just sat separately in the car. On Jaws I was sat next to a Japanese father who had taken his two very small children on the ride, and from the very first sighting of the shark the kids were not happy. Crying hysterically and shouting Kowai (scary) whilst the father and the rest of the boat found it hilarious.

The Jurassic Park - Discovery Restaurant was SO COOL!!

We managed to arrive at the absolute perfect time to see the waterworld show, which was full of soaking the audience with water, massive explosions and a plane crash landing.

We chowed down on Jurassic Turkey legs and supped butter beer both soda and frozen. Both were absolutely delicious. Why can you not buy butter beer anywhere? 

At 6pm the sun had set, it was pretty dark and Universal unleashed a tonne of zombies upon the unsuspecting crowds. There were ones that had knives, sledgehammers and my personal favourite NOPE! was the ones with chainsaws. They chased you round the park making people squeal and run. There were little scenes everywhere, a squad car that burst open with zombies. I both loved it and hated it at the same time. Then on the hour they got into groups and performed the Thriller dance!
A great end to an awesome day.

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