Friday, November 13, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 10

This morning we headed over to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, we didn't have it booked so we couldn't take a tour of the inner grounds but there was plenty to see for free. We picked up some Tokyo Banana's for breakfast and headed on our way. The Tokyo station is beautiful and very grand completely different to all the other stations we have visited. 

We took some really nice photos of the palace grounds.

And saw some scary looking spiders.

In the afternoon we headed over to Harajuku, we had read on many websites that Sunday afternoon was the perfect time to visit as the place comes alive with fashion and performance.
We ate really tasty food and caught a few idol groups performing. We walked around Yoyogi park and saw some Elvis inspired dance groups wearing 50's style jeans, cowboy boots, and leather jackets with the groups name on the back, and each had a giant hair quiff. 

Then in the evening we headed to a Cat Cafe, it was super cute and cosy. It was obvious that the cats had been there since kittens, they were so used to the company and being handled all the time. They had plenty of lounging areas and high areas to get away from the people if they had had enough. But the majority of them loved being stroked. 

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