Sunday, March 22, 2015

Desk Set up 2015

I recently changed around my desk area, Tom and I have a joint office and we decided to swap sides.
This is the new arrangement, I wanted to show it off a little as I am so happy with the way it looks at the moment, and talk you through some of my artwork and decorative bits.

Artwork : -
I have a couple of pieces of artwork hung around the area either by myself or other artists, heres a little background on the pieces.
Enigman - The large black character with a question mark on his chest, Tom discovered this character when we were in spain together he has a money box of the same character and I wanted to buy some merchandise for his birthday once but couldn't find it available to buy online anywhere. So instead I painted him a poster. 
Robin - This was a poster that came in a 'my geek box' package for February, I don't know the artist.
Cute Girls - Beneath the robin poster there are a couple of cute girl prints, these are from the very talented Mel Stringer. I've loved her work for years and treated myself to these two prints last year.
Me&You - The painting hidden behind the fox is a A3 painted version of one of my card designs. I love painting birds, especially ones with vibrant colours.
Fox - This was the first proper digital painting I ever did, I'm so happy with this piece. I use it as my logo across all sites.
Girl in neutral colours - Created by Abby Wright I think it was originally for her degree, which she sold off online after the show.
Landscape - I created this for a neighbour when I was really young, she kept it for many years and then gave it me framed as a graduation present. Such a thoughtful gift. The landscape is the view from my childhood bedroom. 
Screaming girl - Created from a fashion image in a magazine when I was a teenager. I love this little canvas as it now reminds me of an old friend.

My main desk set up houses my laptop, monitor screen and lamp. I have a large cork board above my laptop, at the moment it is covered with photos and artwork but a lot of the time it is covered in reminders. I love candles and always have a couple scattered around my desk. I have a little white deer snow globe and Lego Grandpa Simpson on my monitor to the right. 

My extension desk has a 'little' collection of graphic novels, this is my to be read pile. I have Alex + Ada Volume 2 pulled out as I just posted a short review of it on my blog yesterday. A Lego beach house creator kit, and cuddly fox. A 2015 good things jar, to remember all the good things at the end of the year. I like to collect greetings cards both for the artwork and generally just to have a bunch to choose between at home, they are all in the tin on the left hand side. 

A closer look at this part of my desk area. Look at all the colour and gorgeous books,

This is a little close up of my art tool baskets, inside there are a collection of spectrum marker pens, crayons, fine liners, pencils etc. Beside the basket is my ring bound sketchbook. I will always choose ring bound books as they are easier to use and if you need to remove a sheet to scan or throw away it leaves no marks behind. On the wall, I have swatches of all my spectrum markers to see the actual colours as the lids aren't a good representation. 

I hope you enjoyed having a little look at my desk area and creative space. I always enjoy looking at other peoples spaces. 

I have used a couple of free downloads to edit my pictures a little, the washi tape and scrabble tiles are both free and are available for download and use, 
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