Saturday, March 21, 2015

BOOK: Alex + Ada Volume 2


The second bind up graphic novel of the Alex + Ada series, for me this was a must pre-order, I loved the first and couldn't wait to delve back into their lives. As a pre-order from amazon it was waiting for me when I got home from work. And I read it that night. Hurrah!

For anyone that doesn't know Alex is a human and Ada is a robot, bought as a gift for Alex, from his grandmother. Set in a world where robots are the norm, they are everywhere in different shapes and forms, but are not trusted by all. 

During this second installment romance blossoms between the two, and you read/see their relationship developing alongside Ada developing herself. The story is quite simple and they don't try to over complicate things which I think only makes you enjoy it more. 

As I said in the volume 1 review the artwork is simple, but gorgeous and matches the style of the story and characters beautifully. I am a big fan of the series. Pre-ordering Volume 3 anyone? 

Fantastic read, if you enjoyed the first I would definitely recommend you pick this up.

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