Sunday, January 25, 2015

Alex + Ada


Oh my gosh what a fantastic little graphic novel. I knew nothing about the story before reading this, I picked it up at my local travelling man store as they were showing it off getting people to branch out and read the first volumes of other series.

I had seen it hauled on a couple of videos on Booktube, so the cover stood out to me on the shelves.

The artwork is beautiful, a really simple style to fit alongside the simple story line. The covers from each of the individual comics are shown at the start of the chapters, with more intense colour, layout and themes, which I think is a nice way to lead you in to reading just a little bit more.

Alex is given an android as a gift by a family member hoping the android would make him feel less lonely. Ada arrives as a surprise and Alex takes her in and looks after her. After a few days it is clear to Alex how android-like Ada is, void of humanity and individuality, unable to make a decision. 

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