Wednesday, December 25, 2013

D.I.Y. CHRISTMAS... Crackers

This year I found these great D.I.Y. Christmas Cracker kits in Wilkinsons. 
Inside the kits you get the cracker shell, bangers (already attached to the cracker shell), hats, jokes and motto, and straw ties for each side of the cracker. A pack of 6 all for only £3.00 - Bargain. 
I saw them in three colours but they may have been available in more, Silver, Gold and Brown Paper or card. I went for the brown as it matched my wrapping paper the most and gave the cracker a more handmade feel. 

Inside my crackers besides the hat, joke and motto, I added a couple of chocolate coins and a handmade tree decorations. My decorations include robins, Christmas trees, gingerbread man and stocking. All were lovingly hand sewn made from felt, stuffing, beads, buttons and ribbon. 

I think these will be a nice surprise for our dinner table at Christmas, and a definite purchase for next year.

Merry Christmas - Hope you are all having a wonderful Day!
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