Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Eden of the East

For the last couple of weeks Tom and I have been watching Eden of the East, an Anime series and movies.
I'm not really a fan of anime, I'm very selective of the ones I watch and tend to like movies over series. Tom does watch a lot of anime however and I'll watch an episode with him from time to time. Eden of the East was a series that caught my attention straight away, the art style and storyline seemed really different and interesting. 

Eden of the East is a series of about 12 episodes with two follow on movies that conclude the story. It resolves around Takizawa, one member of twelve individuals(selecao) tasked with saving the world by any means using 10 billion yen. He meets Saki during the first episode after losing his memory.

I loved the way the drawing styles changed to show alternate expressions of the characters, and the scenery was just beautiful, especially the fairground scene pictured above.

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