Monday, July 22, 2013

Nail art from Paperchase!

The other day I was browsing round the paperchase sale and found these floral nail art stickers.
For a mere £2 you can glam up your nails with really pretty floral patterns, and 24 stickers.

I have chosen to use mine sparingly and only sticker one finger at a time, mixing them with different shades of painted nails. Also as my nails are quite short at the moment I halved a sticker and used the same one for both nails creating a different pattern on each. 

I'm really impressed with these nail stickers. I have used them a couple of times already and they do last a long time, the last set I had them on for about a week and they were still perfect, no chips or scratches.
I love the designs as they are floral but they look drawn out and really sketchy. 

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