Saturday, April 01, 2017

iskn Slate - New gadget

So I was well and truly hooked in by the advertising on instagram for the iskn slate. It kept popping up and after a few watches I decides to check out some user reviews on youtube. 
This little gadget seemed too good to be true, the tactile feel of traditional pencil on paper drawing, but with an electronic copy that was really responsive. 
They had the tablet and a bunch of accessories on sale for a bundle price and I decided to treat myself. At the point of writing this I've had the slate for a couple of days and managed to create a few sketches. The slate has been great so far, really responsive and easy to get into. I did have trouble where the sheet kept moving ever so slightly and then my drawing was out of sync, but a handy little bit of washi tape sorted that out. I'll post more pieces when I can. :)