Saturday, January 07, 2017

2016 in Review

Well what can I say, 2016 you were tough, for reasons I won't get into.
Don't get me wrong there were some great parts, I have had the most commissions ever this year, I got a swanky promotion moving into my very first managerial role, my sister and her partner got engaged and I went to America for the first time. 

- January -
On New Years day my family and I went to Rufford Park, and we took some fun photos.
I did a lot of drawing - especially Lara Croft, and it snowed a little.

- February -
I saw Deadpool in the cinema, and had a lovely birthday morning of breakfast in bed with presents, Moby loved the wrapping paper.

- March -
I went to see Dylan Moran Live and spent a long weekend in London with a Proudface and took my chance on a Zoltar machine.

- April -
I drew lots of art and bought some beautifully illustrated books.

- May -
I got my first scrawlrbox in the post, now I just can't wait to get them each month and I made sushi for the first time - Yum!

- June -
I bought myself a Wiley Fox Storm phone - not just for the name! - I went for a ride on a rather wooden pony and visited friends in York.

- July -
I bought a Kigurumi Kawaii Fox onesie and ate french afternoon tea.

- August -
I had a visit from Proudface and Kat where we stuffed our faces with Thai food.

- September -
I went to the cinema twice to see Magnificent Seven and Bridget Jones, and painted my favourite photo of my sister and I. I took a rather funky selfie on my way to a wedding reception.

- October -
Holiday time! I visited California, more specifically San Francisco and LA.
Walking around Union Square, riding Cable Cars, drinking Andersen's Pea Soup, following the walk of fame and munching on a turkey leg and a chimichanga in Disney Californian Adventure.
Read more about my trip here: Hello San Francisco!, and here: You're so LA.

- November -
I went to the cinema twice again to see Doctor Strange and Nocturnal Animals, it snowed again and I painted this little floral illustration.

- December -
I made these cute little Christmassy illustrations and posted them throughout the month to get myself into the spirit of Christmas. It was my work Christmas do and we spent rather a lot of time in the photobooth. :) and I ate anything and everything!

Here's to a wonderful 2017!
I also have reviews for previous years here: 20152014 and 2013.