Monday, December 19, 2016

A festive and gluttonous weekend

It's the time for visiting loved ones and eating some truly gorgeous foods, and that's exactly what we did. 

- Saturday - 
Tony, Kat and Tom came up for a weekend visit, first stop ZAAP! The best Thai restaurant in the centre of Leeds(in my opinion) they have great starter & side dishes to accompany their mains. Literally everything I've tried there has been delicious. Don't miss out on the steamed buns!

We stopped by the Christmas German Markets for a quick bite of a cheesy sausage and mulled wine.

Once we had successfully eaten all of the things, we headed to Roundhay for the Chinese Lantern Festival. Though rather pricey at £14 a ticket we did enjoy the event, and there were some really amazing looking displays. My favourite pieces were the finale of the dragons, and the 6ft flowers dotted around the park. 

- Sunday - 
We were all ready for round 2 on the Sunday and so headed to REDS True Barbecue for their Feast platter. Oh boy that was a challenge! All the meats, onion rings, corn bread and a sprinkling of salad. 
Safe to say it put us all to sleep afterwards.

To finish it off it was Tom's Birthday - so cake was definitely necessary. 
Happy Birthday Tommy!