Wednesday, January 06, 2016

2015 in Review

2015 was ace - for the most part.
During this year I wanted to travel abroad on holiday, read at least 30 books and start an Etsy shop. And woo hoo I managed all three of these! We visited Japan for the very first time and I blogged about it, I read 57 books (my wrap up here) and this is My Etsy Shop.
I also kept up my drawing challenge until around September. :D

Here is my year in review 2015

We spent New Years Eve and day just me and Tom alone and cooked a gorgeous hog roast. I had my first day in my current job (Photo Studio). I read and hauled a lot of graphic novels, and I continued to draw for my daily drawing challenge.


I had my birthday and grew a little older. :(


We had a visit from this beautiful Proud Face! and continued the story of one of my favourite graphic novel series - Alex and Ada.

I did a spot of gardening.

I visited the Doncaster Wildlife Park with my family and went to see Mad Max Fury Road at the cinema twice! We also booked our flights and accommodation for our Japan trip later in the year.

I took Moby for his annual check up and shots at the Vets, he was not happy about it. I went to see Jurassic world in the cinema and loved it! (I have a little obsession with the Jurassic Park movies) 

All about books - I set up my little bookshelf on my desk and started reading the fabulous Amy Poehler book YES Please!

I had to say goodbye to someone very dear to me, and Moby posing again.

I spent a week on holiday in Bude Cornwall with Tom's family and a very Proud face, and chopped off my hair to be the shortest I have ever had it.

I went to see the Martian in the cinema.
Tom and I went to Japan! We visited many places, it was an amazing trip. My first visit to a Disney resort, Universal Studios resort, Kyoto and Studio Ghibli. I cannot explain enough just how much I loved our holiday.

Autumn had arrived when we returned to Britain and it was beautiful. I took part in the Gallery of Mo again this year raising money for the Movember charity.

I had a fantastic festive period with colleagues, family and friends.

2015 you were awesome - Here's to 2016 and new adventures.
I also have reviews for 2014 and 2013.

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