Sunday, November 08, 2015

Japan Trip - Day 1 & 2 & 3

Tom and I began our Japan Adventure in October setting off at about 11am UK time.
Today we didn't really do much aside from our flight to Istanbul, the first leg of our journey. The flight was smooth, and the service great from Turkish Airlines, it took us about 5 hours from Manchester to Istanbul.

Our flight from Istanbul to Narita didn't set off for a few hours after we landed, and left us with a few hours to hang out in the airport. So we settled down to watch our very first episode of Sherlock, which is fantastic by the way. Then as our flight was about to board, we were told there was a problem with the entertainment system and that we would be delayed for about 2 hours. Ok - Time for another Sherlock. Our flight was great when it got going and took us around 10 hours from Istanbul to Narita. We were able to see both the sunrise and the sunset during these 10 hours from our little plane window. 

We arrived at Narita just in time to catch the last train to Tokyo - phew! The train was about 1hr, then we headed for the Yamanote train circular line - journey hasn't finished yet - about 30mins. Yay finally in Ikebukuro after many many hours travelling - now we just need to grab some food from Seven Eleven, find our apartment for the two weeks and crash. We arrived at our apartment at 12.30am Japan Time. 

Our first proper day in Japan and it was more than a little foggy, we could barely see to the top of some of the towers. We decided to spend the day exploring our little neighbourhood of Ikebukuro Tokyo.

Stopping for breakfast - a slice door-wedge of toast, boiled egg, tea and coffee - at a swanky coffee shop named Coffee Valley. 

We did some shopping in Sunshine City, Tokyo hands and visited the Sega Centre. We had a game or two on this arcade drum machine. After a few hours of walking around and taking everything in I was feeling a little overwhelmed, Tokyo is a lot louder and 'in your face' than I had imagined and it can definitely get too much. 

We decided to look around the Aquarium that is inside the Sunshine City shopping mall. We caught a sea lion show and saw plenty of fish. 

In the evening we had a delicious dinner of tempura and caught glimpses of a dance troupe competition taking place in the square. Then later on we topped up our stomachs with a couple of Mr Doughnuts - delicious - and were scolded by the police for J-walking.

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