Saturday, October 03, 2015

Instagram September

1. I went on holiday for a week in September with very little phone reception or internet. So I really has a chance to switch off and relax, and enjoy the beauty of Cornwall.

3. A mini graphic novel haul from Amazon, my convenient friend. RunLoveKill / They're NOT like us / Saga Volume 5 / Postal
4. I flew through Volume 5 of Saga and loved it!

5. I chopped off my hair - this is the shortest I have ever had it cut, and though it feels weird I'm happy so far. 
6. A flower from my very small patch of land I call a garden. :)

8. For a week in September I was ill, I really didn't feel like myself and didn't feel like drawing. So I slacked off for a few days, then when I felt better I had a quick sketch night and got myself back on track. 

This is just a little snippet of my favourite images from this month. 

My Instagram in 2015:
My Instagram in 2014:

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