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I didn't post many photos throughout the month of August, but I am happy with the pieces I did post. Lots of weekday drawings. 

1. A fresh study for my weekday drawings - fine liner pen.
2. Foxy Family Ladies.

3. Colourful Moby photo.
4. One of my weekday drawings - showing progress - pencil sketch.

5. Hipster/Lumberjack weekday drawings - fine liner pen.
6. A very colourful weekday drawing - biro and highlighter pens.

7. My Japan trip is super close now, the countdown has begun. Here is a nanoblock version of the Golden Pavilion.
8. Another pencil sketch weekday drawing. 

This is just a little snippet of my favourite images from this month. 

My Instagram in 2015:
My Instagram in 2014:

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