Saturday, August 01, 2015

Instagram July

1. Visiting a local to home farm shop with lots of gorgeously colourful produce.
2. My favourite little nook in my house - My desk space filled with favourite things.

3. I took part in the #Cram-a-thon and did an update here.
4. A little graphic novel haul I bought this month. :)

5. Sketching a male for a change in my Weekday Drawings.
6. I totally cheated to get my favourite little SimpsonsLego figure by asking the Lego assistant to feel him out. 

7. I started reading AND listening to my first autobiography from Amy Poehler - Yes Please. I chose to do both at the same time as there was different added content in both and didn't want to miss any of her funny anecdotes.
8. Favourite power female character recently - Furiosa from MadMax, I drew my own version of her.

This is just a little snippet of my favourite images from this month. 

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