Sunday, June 07, 2015

Instagram May

1. & 2. My family took my sister and I to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park Zoo. They have enclosures containing lemurs/spider monkeys/ wallabys that are open for the public to walk through so you can get very close to these animals. They are currently working on some new Polar Bear enclosures and some other unknown areas.

3. Moby(cat) and Tenzin(lizzard) posing
4. Illustration work

5. Free Books from my local 2nd hand shop, they have too many to handle. 
6. One of my Weekday Drawings

7. I went to see Mad Max at the Cinema this month - twice - Great movie!
8. I visited home for a second time this month, for my Sister's Birthday and to see her partner play cricket. Home is so green. :)

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