Sunday, April 19, 2015

BOOK: Ms Marvel - No Normal


I really wanted to like this book, I know several people who loved it, and it's a good graphic novel but I guess just not for me. I think I just don't get along with super hero based graphic novels and stories.

As an origin story it was always going to be a little slow to begin with, but I also found it confusing. The way Ms Marvel, Kamala received her powers was never really explained.

Kamala is a Pakistani American Jersey Girl teen school student from a Muslim family, she just wants to be treated like her peers, and have the same experiences but something always gets in the way be it her protective parents, her watchful and caring friend Bruno or maybe becoming Ms Marvel.

The artwork was beautiful as expected and each page was a delight to look at with interesting layouts and colour schemes. I found this was the main reason I kept flipping the pages. I don't think I will be continuing with this story but I am glad I picked it up and gave it a shot, at the very least it has shown me that I'm not a fan of super hero graphic novels.

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