Saturday, March 28, 2015

BOOK: In Real Life


I'd like to start by saying what an absolutely gorgeous book, filled with cutesy style characters and beautiful illustration work. Both Anda's online and offline personas are full of life and positive role models. Anda the main character is drawn with a realistic girl figure, curvy and I personally loved the style. 

I think the graphic novel was created to address some serious issues(gender, culture, etc) but it was over too quickly and the issues were somehow skated over. The fact that they were never really delved into made me feel like it was for a younger audience than myself. I originally picked up In Real Life as I related to the topic - loving gaming myself. I just can't help but feel like it was dramatically cut short, or chunks edited out of the story as it just didn't flow well for me. 

The positive note is that I loved the illustrator Jen Wang's work and will be on the lookout for other pieces by her. 

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