Sunday, March 08, 2015

BOOK: Beautiful Darkness


A beautifully drawn book with quirky characters and eerie undertones. 
Even on the front cover (pictured above) it shows the main character along with a hand. 
I thought this book was going to be a cutesy borrowers theme moomin drawn gem, but actually it's quite dark and creepy and confusing. 

Unfortunately this book didn't really follow a story, or answer any questions.
I found it jumped a lot between characters, which felt like you had skipped a page rather than catching up with someone else. This carried on throughout and made it hard to get fully involved in their lives and story. 

I think* I enjoyed this (*very confused by this book) and felt it had promise, if only it explained a little more and stopped jumping around so much. 

(internal cover - showing various characters featured within)

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