Saturday, January 10, 2015

2014 in Review

2014 for me was on par really.
I had resolutions to get a car, go on holiday for just me and tom, and to start an etsy shop. Of which I actually completed none. Good things for me from my resolutions were to read more, I read 30 books this year, much more than I have in previous years. I also started my daily drawing challenge and kept it up until now - so far 11 months.
Also an unexpected change happened just before Christmas, I changed my job. In January I will be working in a Photographic Studio.

Here is my year in review 2014

I completed and posted my Sketchbook project. This book took ages to complete and I poured many hours into it's development.
Moby's second Birthday.
I went to my first official meeting at work with designer Jeff Banks.
Visited Roast + Conch with a friend for the first of my birthday meals. YUM.

I turned 26 and had a lovely birthday spent with Tommy.
I got 549 page views on my blog in one day (my largest at the time).

Two great colleagues moved on to new jobs.

Got a 'Best of RGD' badge for my work on the Redditgetsdrawn forum.
I did some freelance work for UKGreetings, as an illustrator.
I visited Betty's for the first time,

I took part in Jury Service in May for two weeks.

Tom and I went to see Jon Richardson - Nidiot live show.

I kick started my reading - Thanks to the Divergent trilogy.

We received a lovely gift from a friend on the other side of the world.
An old friend came to visit for the weekend.

I went on holiday to Bude Cornwall with Tom's family.
The same old friend came back to visit for a week.

I read a hole book in a day(about 5 hours) And it was Amazing. Patrick Ness - A monster Calls.

I took part in the Movember Portraits, raising money for charity.

Fortune Cookie - All your hard work will soon pay off
It was a White Christmas.
I got a new Job!

Throughout 2015 I would like to:
 1. have a holiday abroad
2. read at least 30 books (follow my progress on Goodreads)
3. start and Etsy shop.
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