Monday, August 04, 2014

July Favourites

Bit of a weird combination this month, Parks and Recreation, British Weather, Nesquik, Burt's Bees and Fruit straws! I feel so young again drinking chocolate milk and eating sweet-like fruit snacks.
This month Tom and I started watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix, with similar humour to 'The American Office' (which we both loved) a mock reality style of shooting and five full seasons on Netflix, this show has rapidly become our evening watch while we eat.
The British weather has been glorious again this month - here's to a great summer.
Then finally Burt's Bees - Refreshing lip balm with pink grapefruit, this is the first product in the brand I have ever picked up but I have always been drawn to the packaging. It smells gorgeous and is really nourishing.

Also this month I picked up and finished the book 'We were liars' by E.Lockhart (missing from the sketch above). This was a great book, it came highly recommended from a handful of book-tubers and I am grateful for their recommendations. Most also said it is a book that is better to know none of the story and I completely agree. Grab yourself a copy!

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