Friday, June 27, 2014

Paperchase finds

I had a little splurge in Paperchase the other day on my lunch hour from work.
I managed to grab some great finds - some in the sale and some full price.

I really like these square clear plastic cover 'creative books' I have found the pages the right size for me and the type of work I do and the square shape always appeals to me more. I've been racing through books recently due to my daily drawings so I was in need of a new purchase. These sketchbooks are £4.75. 

Also found a smaller sketchbook for travels etc, a couple of pocket mirrors and nail wraps. I really like the quality of the nail wraps in Paperchase, I will often just use them on a couple of nails and have the rest plain, and they do seem to last for a long time.

I then picked up quite a few card designs, I really enjoy raiding the Paperchase sales for cards mainly for design inspiration and to liven up my desk space a bit and have a change around.

Girly cards:

Cute design cards:

Masculine cards:

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