Monday, June 02, 2014

Instagram May

1. UK summer hit with a little heat wave in may, it was glorious and there were BBQ's galore, (not only coming from our garden).
2. Lego mini figures, these are about the only things I collect, and I will often pick myself up one as a little treat. They have now introduced Simpsons ones which are ace.
3. Allegiant - I was going to wait until the paper back version comes out to buy this book as the other two books in the series I own are also paperback. But after only a week of waiting I decided I couldn't wait any longer and needed to find out what happens to Tris and Tobias. I have really enjoyed the Divergent Trillogy and I can't wait to finish this final book.
4. Lost Cities - I bought this board game to play with Tom quite some time ago as we have plenty of board games but need more people to play them. However this game has been in it's box for a couple of months before we got round to trying it out.
5. Daily Drawing for 24/05/14
6. I made some hand puppets from a kit I was given for my birthday in February. Moby loves attacking these little monsters.
7. Daily Drawing for 25/05/14
8. I've recently discovered a love of growing things, plants herbs and veggies are my favourite.

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