Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The tiny book of tiny stories {Volume 1}

I bought this book as an add on to my other purchases from Amazon, after all it has been in my wishlist for a long time. This is volume one of a three part series(so far). A6 size hardbacked £6.99

This book is made by HitRecord, an organisation that loves to promote and contribute artists throughout the world, with Joseph Gordon-Levitt as founder and director. Recently HitRecord had a TV show and you can view the very first episode below. The book of tiny stories is just that each page or two pages has a short story (at most a couple of sentences) and an illustration. All contributors are listed in the back so you are able to put a name to the pieces of work. They are also credited with a number so you can use the HitRecord website to search via the number to find the actual piece of work. It's really an amazing community.

The universe is not made of atoms; it's made of tiny stories.

The illustration work on the inside of the cover is beautiful:

I know other worlds exist. I can see them in my peripheral vision. 

The Sun us such a lonely star. Whenever he comes out to see his friends, they all disappear.

I do hope they will continue on this path, and as for future call outs and submissions.

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