Monday, April 14, 2014

Rosie's Diner - An American weekend

Tom and I had a really american weekend of last week. 
We visited the brand new American restaurant Rosie's Diner in Leeds, and went to see a Roller Derby match. More on the Roller Derby to come later.

Rosie's is a great twist on the norm for us, simple food with a unique selling point. 
The gimmick of an American diner appealed to my nature and we were both interested in trying something new. Inside Rosie's you are met with a large yellow bus - with tables for seating inside, a large bar, a pool table and individual booths stacked up around each other creating personal space between diners.
It is hard to resist the milkshakes, waffles, sundaes that this type of restaurant shout about, and the American style breakfast sounded amazing. 

Tom chose an American style breakfast of bacon, eggs, hash browns, waffles and maple syrup, while I stuck to waffles, ice cream, chocolate sauce and banana. Very healthy choice. : ) 
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