Friday, April 04, 2014

Irregular Choice Faves

Irregular Choice shoes may not be to everyone's taste, and some I love and others not so much. But there are definitely some great styles that I would love to own.

I own four pairs of Irregular choice shoes myself, and as well as the uniquely designed shoes you also get a bright and colourful shoe box and tissue paper. The ones I own are definitely more of an occasion shoe but one of the pairs I have worn countless times more than the others, and its such a shame they no longer sell the style otherwise I would have bought them all over again.

I feel like each shoe is a piece of art and has so much attention to detail.

My top five on sale at the moment (in no particular order) are:

Hello Ha
This design has an Orla Kiely feel to it, with a floral type print, yellow bow and clear coloured heel.

Dazzle Razzle
A shorter heeled shoe - my preferred style - this orange and blue patterned shoe has a tweed bow and piped trim.

Hook line and sinker
More of a boot than a shoe, the pattern and colour combination are quite tame for Irregular choice standards, though the oversized bow/ribbon probably makes up for it.

Probably my favourite and most practical style, I have seen this shoe for many years and always wanted it. I think the measuring tape details are lovely especially for someone with a sewing background.

Lovely Jubbly
A really fun plimsole/casual shoe, this feels a little crazy and I could imagine a lot of my family or friends hating these but I love them. The little bambi deer print, the spotty piping and the fringing on the back - love it!

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