Wednesday, April 23, 2014

BOOK: Push Stitchery

Push stitchery is a beautiful book containing some of the most creative embroidery or stitch work artists.
Inside there are just too many pages I wanted to show, I took so many photos and then had to narrow them down to only four artists. I've chosen the four that appealed to me the most, and I think there is common ground linking each of the artists. Though the themes and overall outcome may be different, the way they address their illustration techniques and form shows similarities.
Each artist has a couple of double pages containing detailed photos of their work, descriptions and interview style questions.

Diem Chau. Artist from Vietnam works with pottery, cups, saucers, plates and studies the human form.

Gillian Bates. UK artist works with embroidery and stitch on canvas with a seaside/beach theme.

Charlene Mullen. UK artist enjoys focus on both natural and man made themes.

Jimmy McBride - Artist from the United States. Explores work based on outer space and quilting techniques combined.
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