Monday, March 24, 2014

Little Lush Haul

The other week without thinking about it, I managed to buy a little Lush haul of goodies.

I thought I would share some of my treats with you. 
I went a little mad and kept popping more and more into my basket, but this will last me a really long time and I always tend to split the bath bombs and bubble bars into two or three.

BRIGHTSIDE Bubble bar Citrus scents

BUNNY Bubble bar Vanilla scent

AMANDOPONDO Bubble bar Rose and Lemon scents

POP IN THE BATH Bubble bar Floral scent

FIZZBANGER Bath Bomb Spiced Apple Pie scent

CARROT Soap Tropical scent

MINT JULIPS Lip scrub Vanilla and Mint Humbug scent

LIGHT PINK Colour Supplement (Foundation or skin tint)

I hope you like my mini haul and sketches.
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