Friday, February 07, 2014

January Favourites

I watch quite a few vloggers that put together monthly favourite videos, I always enjoy watching them so I decided to illustrate my own version.

This little illustration incorporates some of the things I have been loving throughout January 2014.
From left to right, Nerds, Nivea Lip Butter, Necklace, Rimmel Nail Varnish and Nivea Shower Moisturiser.

Nerds - A brand/type of sweet I have never tried before but tom picked some up and now I love them. The flavour combinations are always great; cherry lemonade and apple watermelon YUM.
Nivea Lip Butter - with the cold weather lately I have had some really dry cracked lips and I have found lip butters always tend to be more nourishing, and the Raspberry Rose flavour smells fantastic.
Necklace - A Christmas gift from my parents which was a little Etsy find.
Rimmel Nail Varnish - The shade is amazing, a really pale blue named Little bow peep.
Nivea Shower Moisturiser - For all those lazy types, myself included, that don't seem to have the time to moisturise after showering this in-shower moisturiser is great. I can really tell a difference after use.

What are your January favourites? 
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