Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Fu's Quest for Ramen!

Fu's Quest for Ramen, is a short comic made by local Leeds Travelling man artist and employee Ken McFarlane. View his blog here. 

A comic in black, white and grey but beautifully illustrated, and Fu is a very cute Ninja character.
Fu's Quest for Ramen is exactly that a little Ninja character named Fu goes on a quest to find ramen noodles and takes you on the journey with him. It is really inspiring that someone can create a character with such a strong personality but simplistic style. The tiniest gestures convey the most powerful emotions.

I picked up my comic of Fu's Quest at the Leeds Travelling Man for only £1.75. 
I couldn't resist the chance to support a local artist and purchasing some great artwork. 
Head over to the Travelling Man Leeds to pick up your own copy, or now you can actually read Fu's Quest online for free, just click here.
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