Wednesday, December 18, 2013

D.I.Y. CHRISTMAS ... Decoration

Last week I made this DIY Christmas decoration. There was a competition at work to help raise money for Save the Children we were all given a polystyrene ball and asked to decorate it for a Christmas bauble. 

I decided to make a Christmas Pudding, far from an original idea but a classic theme for a Christmas bauble. 
The things you will need to make your own Christmas Pudding bauble are:

A Polystyrene Ball
Coloured felt in brown, white, red and dark green. (I bought the single sheets in A4 size around 50p each).
Fabric Scissors
Small Beads (I have brown and white)
Large beads for the berries
Coloured threads to match the felt
Hand Sewing Needle
A small piece of ribbon

STEP 1. Firstly I cut out a rough square of the brown felt, enough to cover over half of the ball. I pinned this in place on the ball, folding over the edges to make it as smooth as possible. Once I was happy with the shape, I pinned the felt in place but made sure to keep it detached from the ball. I could then remove the felt shell and hand sew it into the round shape. Whilst hand sewing the shape I added the brown beads to the outside.

STEP 2. Tack the ribbon to the top of the bauble or use glue if you find it hard to attach. 

STEP 3. Adding the white lid to the top of the pudding. This is very similar to the first step, I pinned on my white rough square and then cut it to make it look a little wobbly and like sauce. Make sure you cut a slit in the top of this white layer so you can loop the ribbon through the top. This white layer was just tacked onto the ball, tacking onto the brown layer every inch around the edge of the ball. Once attached I then added white beads to the outside.

STEP 4. Cut out your holly leaves, I used 4 leaves in my design, and tack these to the top of the bauble by the ribbon. 

STEP 5. Cut out three small circles for your berry beads to sit on to add a little more colour impact. Then tack these in place on top of the leaves and add your large red berry beads. 

You're finished.

I think in total this took me about 1 1/2 hours, but I completed mine over a couple of nights whilst watching television. There was stiff competition from my colleagues with such designs like a hot air balloon, and a fifi lapin inspired bunny. Luckily I won the first prize. 

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