Friday, October 04, 2013

Instagram September

Well another month has flown by, and it's time for an instagram post. 
Here are my top 8 photos this month. 

1. Ice Cream, in September I spent a week on holiday in the gorgeous Bude Cornwall. I wish I was back there eating ice creams the size of my face.
2. Rock pools on holiday
3. Nami working on my fan art for LOL
4. My favourite piece of art I have worked on lately a gaming painting for Tom featuring a lot of our favourite characters.
5. Tenzin my leopard gecko just hanging out on my desk
6. Nami in full.
7. A close up of one of the characters from number 4.
8. Our version of a Sunday dinner, Home made curry, naan bread, chutneys and ice tea. YUM!

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