Monday, October 07, 2013


The other day I bought a couple of plain black plimsolls shoes to customise. I see loads in the shops that are just like these but with a couple of items sewn on the front so why not make my own for a fraction of the price? 

These plimsolls are from Asda and cost £6.00.

I already had a small collection of buttons to choose from.

All that was needed is a ribbon, scissors, thread, needle, buttons.
 Optional : A helper.

Below is an image of me stitching my ribbon into the shape of a bow. 

There you have it, the finished shoes. The designs I went for were a simple red bow stitched to the side, and a selection of three buttons. I love my customised shoes, they are both styles I would have bought from a shop but I love them more because I made them myself.

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