Monday, September 23, 2013

Nami-Part of your world

League of Legends is a game I play occasionally with Tom, it's a free game that Riot (World of Warcraft creators) put a lot of time and effort into creating new maps, characters and character skins. I think the artwork and creativity of this game is amazing, and I wanted to make something Lol themed.

Here is Nami-Part of your world.

Nami is a mermaid support character she holds a staff and is able to trap other players in her bubbles.
I wanted to draw her in the Ariel-Little Mermaid Disney pose from the 'Part of your world' scene, where Ariel is in her cave of treasures and she is singing whilst swimming up to the hole in the top of the cave.

I showed you guys a sneak peek of this work when I did my desk space post a couple of weeks ago.

The best parts for me are the face (This is one face I think I did a good job on despite my many struggles with faces) and the bubbles. I love the finished Nami Look.

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