Monday, September 02, 2013

Desk space

I thought I would give you a quick update on my new desk/office/creative space in my new house.
Tom and I share an office room together, and since moving to the new house we have effectively doubled our space. This meant that I could have a double desk creating an area for my laptop and another area for me to paint/stitch/sketch etc. I'm really lucky to get this much space to spread out and it means I don't have to pack away everything all the time. 

Above the right hand desk is a cork board to pin any ideas or inspiration pieces I come across. 
I also have a piece of art created by Abby Wright (the figure in the frame stood on my desk) alongside some of my work. 

The painting of the landscape on the far right of the desk is something I created as a child for my next door neighbour. She kept it for years and then had it framed and gave it back to me as a graduation present a few years ago. The landscape in the painting is the view from my childhood home. 

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