Wednesday, August 28, 2013


My nan has recently moved house and has ended up selling a handful of furniture. 
I quickly snapped up this little footstool. 

I had the idea to repaint the legs and cover the top with a new piece of fabric. 
I chose a checked shirting fabric for my cover, as there is a lot of red in my living room already and I thought it would fit well.

I borrowed the staple gun from my mum and used it cautiously. 

I toyed with painting the legs black or white but ended up actually painting them silver as I wanted them a light colour but white seemed too matt.

There you have it, the finished stool. I know it may not be to everyone's taste but I love my little home edition. The whole project was so simple that if I fancy a change it would be so easy to swap the fabric or paint colour. 

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