Monday, March 11, 2013

Novelty fragrances?

I first bought the Harajuku original 'G' fragrance in college, firstly due to it being a very cute package and secondly it was by Gwen Stephani whom I loved. I never thought I would love the fragrance even more than this. Having tried many other fragrances since, and not really finding anything I loved, I went back to these little cuties. I bought them from Amazon at about £8 - £10 each. 

The Original 'G' fragrance pictured on the right has a really fresh scent and smells of coconut. 
Personally I can't wear any fragrance too heavy as they give me headaches so these light scents do the trick.

Once I put the original 'G' in my basket I saw the other little mermaid bottle available and couldn't resist.