Monday, February 18, 2013

Moby's Adventure

Every time the weather is nice we let Moby out to have a little roam about. He's a really nervous cat so he never goes further than the neighbours garden, and he's usually popping in and out of the house if and when things scare him. So we were a little confused Sunday morning when Moby had been out for about 15 mins without checking in. We decided to have a little search for him, calling his name. More time passed and we began searching gardens, and the neighbouring streets. Still no Moby. Then we searched the allotments at the end of our road, after still no sign of Moby we were out of ideas, standing outside our house wondering where else to check. Then he is found - inside a neighbours house, he had ran up into her house and up the stairs maybe thinking it was our house, and she had spent about an hour getting him to come downstairs.

Oh Moby, such a scared cat - why would you run into a random person's house!