Sunday, August 05, 2012

Copic Markers

A while ago I purchased two sets of Copic Ciao markers.
They came in two Manga sets put together for manga artists, but I loved the combination of colours and thought both sets would work well together.

However once I had the pens I didn't know what to do with them.
I created a couple of small sketches but nothing looked like the skilled work that I know can be made with these markers. I needed educating on how to use these properly.
I went straight to youtube where you can find tutorials for everything, and found loads of really talented people working with this medium. I watched about 10 videos and then had a go myself.

I sketched out my design, a dollhouse, a young girl and her kitten.

Then I used the Copic Multiliner size 0.3 to fine line draw over my sketchy pencil marks.

Now I start using the copic coloured markers.
From all the tutorials I found you should always start with the background and pale colours first, and slowly layer up the colours.

I wanted the girls dress to seem dip-dyed.

Overall though I think I like the finished house the most, and I think it would look better without the girl and the kitten. I did enjoy this medium and I will be attempting this method again, I think it would be a good method to use for flower theme drawings.