Saturday, January 07, 2012

Seeing Triangles!

Over Christmas I was determined to make a start on a patchwork quilt. I had the idea of creating a patchwork quilt using a variety of men's suiting fabrics, (I now work as an assistant buyer for menswear, and the company I work for throw away a lot of small cuttings of fabric-luckily it is now donated to me, and the pieces I don't think I will have use for I donate to my old school.)

Patchwork attempt number 1:
Cutting out the pieces.

This is from a pattern my grandparents created and worked on together. I wanted to encorporate these flowers/stars, but these were done as centrepieces and never made into an all over patchwork.
Working it into one big sheet proved to be very complicated. 
So we decided to scrap this design and move on.
As it was my first ever patchwork we (We being my grandnan, my mum and me) went for a really simple pattern.

Patchwork attempt number 2:
So we began seeing triangles, many many triangles.

This is the plan for the overall look of the quilt. 
Once we liked the way it all looked, they were allocated numbers. 

Then came the stitching.
First for the squares.
Then for the rows.
And eventually as one big sheet.
We tacked the front sheet onto some wadding and backed the whole thing with lining. 
Now all that is left to do is finish by hand stitching the edges to neaten them.
I can't wait to get snuggled under this!