Sunday, December 18, 2011

Lately...'s a few things I have been up to.
1. I went to Light Night Leeds. 
More on this to follow, apologies as this happened in October and I have been slow to upload my photos.

2. Christmas Cocktail
Vodka Revolution were giving these little treats out free of charge with a print out voucher from their website.
And it was delicious!

3. Christmas happened in my office.
I walked in on the 1st of December to find our little office had changed into Santa's grotto, ha-ha. 
It was such a lovely surprise.

4. Cakes
A new Tea shop opened up in Headingley Leeds, look how cute it is! 
Anyone local should definitely check it out. 

5. Tommy's Birthday.
Tom turned 23, I made him 2 portal cakes and they were yummy even if I do say so myself.

6. Christmas happened at home.
After Tom's birthday I decorated for Christmas. : )

7. Secret Santa.
Early Christmas present from my lovely Secret Santa at work. 
Loving all the Fox prints that seem to be everywhere at the moment, means that I can keep buying into my namesake.