Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gift ideas no.2.. making a jewellery/brush wrap.

Making a jewellery/brush wrap.

This Christmas I made my sister a little gift, a wrap for a set of make up brushes I bought for her.
Above is where I started, three panels of thick paper to keep the wrap sturdy.  
Then I cut out some flowers from felt and other fabrics and sewed them together by hand.  
Then I placed them to see how I wanted it to look.  
This is the first layer that I stitched down using machine embroidery. I liked the overall look but I thought it should be fuller.  
I then stitched down the segments that hold the brushes. 
And added a lot more flowers. 
This is the finished wrap. I added a plain black outer so that it made more of an impact when opened.  

 The finished wrap. : )