Sunday, August 07, 2011

The making of...

...a personalised greetings card.
The design is sketched out.
My card was intended for a friend's 30th birthday. She had just come back from visiting VIVA LAS VEGAS and she loves all things 'fabulous'. 

Once the sketch is finalised I like to give it an outline in black fine liner pen.

The outline is now complete, here is where I usually erase all the pencil marks and either scan in the image and add colour/edit on the computer or take a scanned copy but then colour/paint straight onto the drawn image.

The colour is being added. I've tried to stick to a colour-scheme that is the same as the Vegas sign itself. However I made my own edits due to what I thought looked better.

The finished design.
I hope she liked it!!!

Edit: She saw the blog post today, and said she loved her 'fabulous' card very much. hehe