Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What an eventful long weekend!

Well this weekend I had Monday/Tuesday as holiday days, making it a long weekend. 
Firstly on Friday I travelled back home to see my best friend turn 23years old :) It was a lovely night out in good old Sheffield, cheap too, and great to visit one of the old clubs I used to. For turning 23 I gave Kimi two beautiful Accessorize necklaces and a Giant Spacehopper! I think two sensible presents and a fun one is a good balance. hehe!

A relaxing slightly hungover saturday, was followed by the RED BULL flugtag event in Roundhay park on Sunday. It was ace, so much fun despite the rain and the best contestants won-a toy story themed entry named 'to infinity and the pond'. Before all the flying began we were given free white t-shirts to decorate to support the teams. However I didn't have a definite theme, and drew the REDBULL logo, they all thought it was very artistic, and I had my photograph taken a bunch of times, so hopefully they will be on-line so I can get a copy. Photos to follow.

Monday-The Harrogate home and gift show, an overwhelming show to be honest. There is so much good work out there, and from speaking to a lot of people, it is really competitive. Hopefully it has helped show me the next step in my card quest. 

And finally we reach today, Tuesday, Tommy's Graduation! 
It was so lovely to see tom graduate, and it was a really nice day for it. :)