Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Saturday consisted of...

Dark scary rooms and a lot of screaming!
The York Dungeons are a great day out, not quite as big as the London version but just the same character and scare-maundering tricks. This weekend my sister turns 21 I hope she liked her cupcakes and gifts, she refused to open them until her actual birthday. We had a late lunch in York, then separated and me n tom went for a tea and coffee before heading back to Leeds. 
Then last night was spent watching Eurovision, which is a huge guilty pleasure of mine, I love it, and last night didn't fail to disappoint in it's madness. I also finished off a piece of artwork which I created for my boyfriend's cousin, and her project for Greenpeace.

Limited edition prints of mine will go on sale at Peace in the Park on June 4th, and The Green Fair on June 25th.