Here are my selection of a few great illustrators I have come across recently:
1. Victoria Ball
2. Sarah Beetson
3. Kat Cameron
4. Nina Hunter

Hope you like them as much as I do.


  1. RE: It's true, The Kite Runner was quite sad... But I quite liked it anyway, despite the fact that I usually only read happy, fun, uplifting, romantic books :p "The Gift" is alright. It makes you wonder what's gonna happen next, but there are sometimes a bit too much description of landscape and surroundings for my liking...I mean, it's written well, but I tend to get bored after a too long part without anything actually happening. I'm sure many appreciate these parts though. It's not my favourite book by Cecelia Ahern, but worth a read anyway.

    I might check that one out!


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